Meet Our Knock-outs

See how the George Foreman® Grills Weight Loss Challenge changed the lives of these three women!

Bethanny R.

  • Age: 30

  • Weight Lost: 15 lbs

  • Inches Lost: 35

  • Favorite Recipe: Chicken Quesadilla and Garden Salad

  • Favorite Exercise: Squats

Although this contest was only for three months, it has changed me for a lifetime. I now know how to eat healthy, and stay healthy. I will no longer feel like a yo-yo dieter. I now have the tools to maintain a healthy weight and keep my family healthy as well. I am spending less on groceries, and have more money for household extras and family activities. I am more than happy with my final results. I never expected such great changes over such a short period. I look forward to maintaining this weight loss and following the George Foreman plan. I love the new me and my new lifestyle.