Evolve Grill System

2 Waffle Plates

Breakfast just got tastier. The nonstick plates create massive waffles that hold all your favorite toppings.

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Bake Dish

Turn your Evolve into a mini oven! The bake dish holds layered lasagna, grilled veggies, brownies, and so much more!

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Muffin Pan

The Evolve bakes too! The nonstick muffin pan helps create delicious, fresh baked treats without heating up the oven. It requires the bake dish for proper operation.

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Slider Plate

Bite-sized burgers are great for parties or a quick and easy dinner. The slider plate forms perfect patties that grill up to delicious perfection.

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Griddle Plate

Turn your grill into the ultimate breakfast station. The nonstick griddle plate is great for bacon, hash browns, pancakes, and more!

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2 Omelet Plates

Gourmet breakfast doesn’t have to be a chore. The nonstick omelet plates quickly make three personalized omelets that are sure to please.

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2 Grill Plates

Add another set of durable grill plates to your collection for when the other set is in the wash.

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The George Foreman Evolve Grilling System can simplify your cooking tasks and open up your kitchen to brand-new, delicious meals.

The Evolve Grill System

Item No: GRP4842MB
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Versatility is the Evolve Grill System’s specialty.

Revolutionize your kitchen with the George Foreman Evolve Grill System. The flexibility and convenience of the removable plate system let you create a multitude of delicious meals in no time. Premium features help turn everyday mealtime into a culinary experience: a 500° searing burst for restaurant-quality results; digital time and temperature controls for precision cooking; an adjustable slope that allows excess fat to drip off during grilling or provides a flat surface for baking and cooking; and a floating hinge that accommodates thick cuts of meat, vegetables, and sandwiches. Take home the Evolve Grill System today and transform the way you cook!

  • Versatility- Expand your at-home menu. Grilling, baking, and cooking. All in one.
  • Easy Cleaning- Removable plates are dishwasher-safe.
  • Ceramic Coating- The durable ceramic coating on the grill plates withstands high heat and wipes clean.
  • 500° Searing- For restaurant-quality grilling.
  • Slope- The George Foreman Grill’s unique slope helps remove up to 42% of fat during grilling. Lose the fat. Not the taste!
  • Adjustable Cooking Angle- A simple lever lets you set the grill flat for baking and cooking or have it sloped for grilling.