The Secret to a Weatherproof Picnic

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Warmer weather has us in a festive mood, and National Picnic Day (April 23) gives us a great reason to celebrate!

But forget everything you knew about picnics-they don't have to include cold sandwiches and questionable potato salad! We've got awesome recipes (links below) that make it easy to take your family's backyard picnic to the next level with a simple, but delicious grilled meal!

Just follow this easy timeline to get the most out of your National Picnic Day!


Alright, it's 90 minutes until eating time. (The kids won't budge on this deadline, sorry.) Time to prep the dishes for grilling. Start with the Cherry Brussels Sprouts and Apple Skewers (prep time: 25 minutes), and then move to the Grilled Potato Skewers (10 minutes).

RECIPES: Cherry Brussels Sprouts and Apple Skewers | Grilled Potato Skewers

Skewer Recipes


For the main course you've got the Brats and Onions in their beer bath, so it's time to preheat the grill. What's that?! You were just about to preheat your Indoor/Outdoor Grill but now it's raining?! Time for an audible.

The weather might be against you, but the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill is on your side. Just pop it off of the removable stand and move the grill to your kitchen countertop. This is now an indoor picnic.

RECIPES: Beer Brats & Onions

Beer Brat and Onions Recipe


The grill is preheated, the skewers are prepped, and the brats are sufficiently hydrated. Put the potato skewers (cook time: 20 minutes) on one section of the grill and the brats on another (10 minutes per side). Once those are arranged, add the Brussels sprout skewers (15 minutes).

12:00 | And We're Eating!


Happy surprise! The rain has stopped and a rainbow is arching through the sky. Where does it end? Well, in your backyard, of course. Everyone back outside-your National Picnic Day is a complete success!


The whole family is enjoying the beautiful weather outside, and everyone is satisfied with the juicy brats, loaded potato skewers, and flavorful fruit and veggie skewers.


Another surprise?! You whipped up a fresh twist on the kids' favorite dessert with the quick and easy Grilled Banana Split (total time: 10 minutes). Because every picnic needs a good dessert!

RECIPES: Grilled Banana Split

Grilled Banana Split Recipe


What a tasty meal, and a successful National Picnic Day. And now you surprise the kids AGAIN by making them clean up all the dishes and trash before they can come back inside. Is that another rain cloud I see?