The George Foreman® Difference

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What’s different about the George Foreman® Twist ‘N Crisp Premium Air Fryer?
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George Foreman® Twist ‘N Crisp Premium Air Fryer

GEORGE FOREMAN® has always been great at knocking out the fat, and we’ve kept that going with our new air fryer. And that’s not all! You’ll see and taste the difference with fast and even cooking, easy cleanup, and convenient accessories.

Up To 50% Less Fat*

This innovative cooking method uses hot air to cook and crisp your favorite fried foods, without the need for oil and other fats. The powerful convection fan surrounds food with heated air, delivering fast, even results.

*vs. French fries prepared in a top selling household deep fryer1
1Based on 3rd party tests using the Presto 06006 Kitchen Kettle Multi Cooker/Steamer

Exclusive Rotating Basket

Some air fryers require you to stop the cooking process and shake the food for even cooking, but the Twist ‘N Crisp does it all for you. The self-agitating basket keeps food moving automatically for ideal results on a variety of foods.

Dishwasher-Safe Parts

Easy cleanup is one of the best parts of air frying! This model keeps things simple with removable, dishwasher-safe parts. Plus, the exterior of the air fryer is easy to wipe clean.

Baking Rack

Bake, grill, and roast! Get the ultimate versatility from the included bake rack. The adjustable design lets you cook right under the heating element or further away for larger items like whole chickens. (Not included with all models.)